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Hello Class!

I hope your week was full of productivity and knowledge! Although you have not yet responded, I did receive some feedback from PSU students on how to improve my initial post. I would like to add a bit more about Brussels, and what it is I’m doing here. I mentioned that Belgium has a linguistic border, separating the Dutch-speaking North from the French-speaking South. While Brussels falls within the Dutch-speaking north, because it is the capital of Belgium it is both Dutch and French speaking. While the majority of people in Brussels speak French, all of the street signs and things of that sort tend to be in both languages. The Parliament (the government that runs Belgium) has an even part of Dutch-speaking and French-speaking representatives.

A photo I took in Brugge, Belgium.

A photo I took in Brugge, Belgium.

In order for you to understand a bit more about what I’m doing here, I would like to give you a look into what it is I do each day! Monday through Wednesday I have classes at a small American school called Vesalius. I tend get lunch with a few friends at a local sandwich shop called Le Chat Noir (the black cat). On Tuesdays I have class until 18:00 (Europe uses military time), then usually get dinner with a group of study abroad students. I am taking a few classes that apply towards my major, economics, as well as French and a class in which we learn about various aspects of Belgium. Luckily for me, I have Thursdays and Fridays off of school. I tend to spend those days doing homework, catching up on sleep, and exploring new areas of Belgium. So far I have spent a day or two of each weekend in a new city or country with the program I am studying abroad through. My photo of the week comes from an excursion I took three weeks ago to a little town in the north of Belgium. The town is called Brugge if speaking Dutch, or Bruges if speaking French. If you have time, I suggest you read a bit about it!

I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your weekend!

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