Hello Ms. Hutchinson

We’re a group of 6 lazy eighth grade students who haven’t accomplished anything within the past 20 min. Though in out laziness, we have attempted to learn more about foreign lands. That is how we came across you. We refuse to introduce ourselves by our first names, thus we shall introduce you to us by our last names: Masters, Phan, Bonglamphone, Oriza, Tran and Zhen. We are all extensively interested in learning more about a long list of things about Belgium. A few of which are architecture, food, religious customs, cultural differences and the national fruit of Belgium, along w/the following list of questions.

1. What is your favorite part of Belgium?

2. Is Flemish a hard language to speak?

3. Why does the king have money if he doesn’t do anything?

4. What is your favorite food so far?

5. Why were French fries French fries if they were developed in Belgium?

6. Do you have friends who don’t speak English? 

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One thought on “Hello Ms. Hutchinson

  1. Hello there last-namers!
    I wouldn’t say you’re too lazy if you came up with all of these questions!
    In regards to the topics of interest you have listed, I will delve into each with greater detail in the coming weeks. As far as national fruit, I don’t believe there is one. Although, I did learn an interesting tidbit this week: brussel sprouts were first discovered in Belgium, and thus named after its capital city.
    In response to your questions:
    1. My favorite part of Belgium would have to be Brussels. This is due to a number of reasons. I have had the most opportunities to explore Brussels because it is where I live and go to school. I prefer a city environment over that of a small town, so I am better suited living in the bustling city that is Brussels.
    2. As far as I can tell Flemish is a strange and difficult language to speak, although I haven’t learned it. I am taking French, because it is more commonly used in Brussels. Flemish is very similar to German, which I’ve heard is a difficult language to learn.
    3. It isn’t necessarily that the king doesn’t do anything, he just lacks political power. In other words, he doesn’t have the power to declare war on another country because he wants a bigger castle. He remains as a figurehead out of tradition, but does have responsibilities when it comes to Belgium. I would be glad to do a post on politics to further explain this!
    4. My favorite food is definitely frites. Back in the US fries are one of my favorite things, but here they are even better and come with delicious sauces! The food I eat the most, however, is sandwiches. I love sandwiches, and luckily there’s a sandwich shop every block or so! I’ll discuss this more in my food post!
    5. The way I’ve heard the french fries vs. frites naming is that when they were created Belgium was still a French territory, meaning there was no Belgium. So they were developed in what is Belgium today, but was then a part of France. I’d be glad to verify this for you though!
    6. I speak very little French, so all of my friends speak English. I do have a few friends that are local students who are trying to improve my French!

    Great questions! Have a great weekend!

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